Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall is a season of change, part 2

Today is my last day at Apple. I can hardly even type that sentence without tears streaming down my face. These past 5 years have been an amazing professional experience, with some of the most incredible co-workers a person could ask for. When I think about not showing up to work tomorrow, running across the street to grab tacos with my breakfast crew, popping my head into other offices to ask questions or chat about something ridiculous that just happened....I start wondering if I have made the right decision. I know without a doubt that I have, but that won't make today any less difficult.

When I left off at Part 1, I had made the decision to meet with a Career Coach to start mapping out what my possible next steps could be. My goal was to begin a career search in January. I swear not a few days after my initial phone call to set up an appointment, I was contacted about a possible position that was highly intriguing. It was an expansion role for this company, and would allow me to continue working with the Apple Education team- just in a different capacity. I decided to pursue conversations, and eventually flew out to Madison, WI for my official interview at the end of September.

Meanwhile, I attended three coaching sessions with my friend Amy at Wolfgang Career Coaching. At my first appointment, we switched gears from identifying possible career paths, to focusing on whether this particular opportunity would meet my needs and be more fulfilling. Investing in that time with Amy is one of the best decisions I have made, and I cannot recommend her practice highly enough. She helped me form the right questions to ask, evaluate the role from a perspective I hadn't thought of, and navigate through negotiating an offer that made sure my value was recognized. When it came time for me to say "yes", I was absolutely confident I was making the right decision.

One of my favorite parts about working at Apple is the people. They aren't just co-workers. They are an extension of my family. Even through some of the more difficult changes we have gone through recently- I could always rely on them to make the days better. So when it came time to consider leaving them, I knew it would have to be a really amazing group of people that I would start working with. My interview in Madison was a special experience, and gave me an opportunity to meet everyone who works for this small, but global, company. In fact, my first meeting was a team dinner where I was literally just thrown into the fire. It was perfect for someone social like me, and felt like it gave me the chance to get to know everyone before sitting down the next day for more serious conversations.

There are lots of positive things about this career move. It's a higher level role with more responsibility and decision making authority. While it involves some travel, it puts me in front of my customers again which is something I have been sorely missing. But most importantly- it will allow me to partner with all of my favorite people at Apple. I won't be at the office with them every day, but I'll get to call/visit/and present with them on a regular basis. It really is a "best of both worlds" position, and I can't wait to get started. Bonus is that I'll be working from home! The dogs are totally prepared to be my new favorite co-workers.

So today isn't necessarily about saying goodbye, but more- I'll see you in a few weeks. I'm making a big breakfast to take in this morning along with some bubbly to make mimosas and toast my fabulous teammates. I hope to goodness that I can make it through the morning without ugly crying all over myself. It just won't be the same not seeing them everyday! Change isn't always easy, but there is definitely something hopeful about a fresh start. 

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