Monday, November 9, 2015

On the road again....

I've been on a five year hiatus from work travel (it was my life before I started working at Apple), and I feel a little bit like I got thrown back into the fire my first two weeks on the job. Let me recap last week for you.

Monday- Austin to Boston (after a 3 hour flight delay), then a drive to Portsmouth, NH
Tuesday- Portsmouth to Boston (for 2 hours of sight seeing) to Milford, MA
Wednesday- Milford to Meriden, CT
Thursday- Meriden to Hoboken, NJ (quick pit stop to visit a good friend) to Philadelphia, PA
Friday- Philadelphia to Orlando (flight) to Austin (after a 2 hour flight delay)

The Holland House: Scenes from the North East
Pics from Boston and Portsmouth

Counting the drive through New York, I was in a total of eight states in five days. We had four days of customer events and meetings, and it was absolutely glorious! I haven't been this tired in a long time, but it was exactly the kind of work that I needed to feel energized and excited again. I spent a super lazy day at home on Saturday, snuggling with Hank and the animals, and then left again Sunday morning for a week in Madison for training.

The Holland House: Madison Capitol Building
Madison Capitol Building

The Holland House: Hyatt Place Madison
Hyatt Place Madison- My home for the week
I absolutely love Madison. I'm staying downtown, and it's so nice to be able to walk down the street to a coffee shop or an Indian food restaurant or a sports bar. On Sunday I made my way to Fromagination- quite possibly the world's best cheese shop! I'm not too far from the University of Wisconsin campus, and hope to make my way over there in the next few days to pick up a Badgers shirt for Hank. It's cold, but not too cold. This Texas girl doesn't mind a little taste of winter! It's also nice to just be in one place for the week. I got to unpack and have more of a regular schedule. Last week I barely worked out twice, and this week I should be able to almost every day. We're tapering for our marathon that is less than two weeks now. I'm trying not to freak out about that, and just focus on learning as much as possible while I'm at the office headquarters.

The Holland House: Fromagination

Life returns back to my new normal next week- with an entire week of home officing. I still haven't finished the office, even though Hank bribed me with a new Lululemon outfit to get it done. Hoping we can at least finish painting and get the desk put together on Sunday. It would be nice to have a space to work in other than our dining table. Until then, I'll continue enjoying my time in this fun city, but look forward to getting back home with my family.


  1. So so busy!!! But it looks like fun... It's nice that you're actually getting to see and experience seasons while you're on work travel! I loved Boston when we visited in March. Wow, your marathon is fast approaching! You're going to do awesome! Once you get back and are settled, we need to get together and watch some football!

  2. I LOVED getting dinner with you last night! I'm happy that work will be bringing you back in the future. I'd love to grab a football game or something else equally as fun :) Safe travels!!!


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