Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekly Meal Planning

In our never ending effort to "get back on track", I went all out with a stellar (and slightly OCD) meal plan for the week. It's always helpful for me to visually write out the things we are going to eat so that I can formulate a plan for cooking/organizing/shopping for what we need. I much prefer to shop on Saturday or Sunday, and do as much food prep as I can on Sunday, so that putting together lunches and snacks isn't such a chore. If fruit and veggies are cut up, and things like hummus portioned out, then I can just grab and go without having to think too much about it.

This week I'm sharing my entire meal plan, mostly because I'm just so proud of how ridiculously organized I am this week (it doesn't happen often). Most of the the meals are things we eat on a regular basis, and I'm including links to the recipes in case you want to give them a try yourself. I aim for a daily intake of 1500 calories, and so I adjust portions (and often include an extra snack like a Clif bar) for Hank so that he gets more than that. Don't need anyone thinking I'm trying to starve my poor husband!

We spent about $120 at HEB and have more than enough for 3 meals and 2 snacks a day for pretty much every day this week. We will eat out one night, but plan to be home the rest of the time. I am by no means a nutrition expert, but I do my best to include whole foods and lots of fresh fruit/veggies into all of our meals. With the exception of a few things, hardly any of our food is "processed".

Feel free to use the plan for inspiration if you need it, and please feel free to share any tips/tricks for meal planning/prepping that helps get you through the week. I'm always looking for good ideas.

The Holland House: Weekly Mean Plan
You can use this link to request access to the doc if you would like to use it for yourself:

The Asian Burger Wraps that we had today are one of my favorites, as it's easy to double the recipe and freeze half to use at another time. They are also pretty easy to make, and taste really good with the dipping sauce..

The Holland House: Asian Black Bean Wraps

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  1. I requested access for those delicious-sounding recipes!! :)


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