Tuesday, July 2, 2013

An Interview with Marley

Greetings! This is the other Holland again. As many of our readers know, we are animal crazy with our 3 dogs and 2 cats. They are such an important part of our life, online and offline, that we thought our readers should get to know each of them. Recently, I sat down for a chat with Marley, our beloved beagle.

Me: Marley, can you tell me how you first met your human?
Marley: I was living on a farm in Oklahoma with a bunch of other dogs like me. At the time, my brother and I were the only babies left. I knew the moment I laid eyes on you, you were a sucker....eh I mean a keeper. So I walked up to you and rolled over on your foot so you could rub my belly. I
snuggled in your lap all the way to my new home.

Me: Was that your best day?
Marley: It was my worst and best. The worst because I had to leave my brother. The best because I had my forever home.  
Me: What are some of.. 
Marley: Actually one of my best days was the day you brought home Amy. She, well not really her, but because of her I have an endless supply of cat nuggets and you know how I love to eat. 
Me: Marley, that is cat poop. 
Marley: It is heaven in a box is what it is!
Me: You disgust me.
Marley: I lick your face while you are sleeping. Next question please.

Me: What are some things that you would like our readers to know about you?
Marley: First, I am a loyal friend. I have followed you from Oklahoma to this hotter than sh%$ place we call home.
Me: Watch your language
Marley: Sorry but I swear my butt is sweating it is so hot. Second, I am a free spirit. I like to be left alone but when I want or need attention, I know how to ask for it. I am a quiet soul that has learned to take things in stride. New dog in the house, no problem. New cat(s), no problem. Another new dog, I hate you--kidding! I enjoy my time with my humans, whether it's a walk around the neighborhood or snuggle time. While I may be a bit older, I still like to snuggle just like I did on that first day.
Me: Yes you do Marley girl. Any faults?
Marley: I can often be described as strong willed...
Me: I call that stubborn.
Marley: Whatever, anyway I am strong willed and I see no fault in that now that I think about it.
Me: Thanks Marley! Any last words to our readers?
Marley: Ice cream is best served chilled, cat nuggets are a gift, vegetables on a vine taste best and love is curling up with the ones you adore particularly when they have beer or wine for me to steal, I mean taste.

An aside from the author:
I could not have asked for a better furry companion than Marley.  She is incredibly sweet to all she meets, a loyal furry companion, although stubborn at times.  Most importantly, she has the ability to love unconditionally, regardless of what other furry animals enter our our home.  While she may have to share the spotlight at times, she holds a very, very special place in my heart.  


  1. What an adorable way to talk about Marley! ...I love the nuggets. ha! Growing up, we had those issues with our dogs and horse apples...


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