Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Putting the "Labor" in Labor Day Weekend

Three day weekends are supposed to be fun and relaxing, right? Well, we took advantage of the extra day so that we could finally complete the rest of the demo on our kitchen, install new cabinets, and make whatever progress we could before our beautiful new floors are installed next week.

This picture does not even begin to show how much crap is spread throughout the house. I couldn't bring myself to take a picture of it because my OCD was in overdrive. Everything that was in the old cabinets was scattered about the rest of house. Such a mess!

The Holland House: Kitchen Demo

After a few bumps (like not being able to salvage the sink and countertops to use temporarily), I felt like we got a whole lot finished. We were certainly lucky to have the tremendous help from our fur babies, too.

The Holland House: Cat in a drawer
Bailey sleeping on the job

So for the next two weeks we will be without a kitchen sink, and the second week we won't have access to the kitchen at all (bye bye refrigerator). It's not going to be easy, but with some careful planning and gracious invites from friends, we won't have to eat out for 2 weeks worth of meals. I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it in the end.


Old flooring removed
Old cabinets removed
Painting finished
New cabinets installed
Kitchen cleared out for new flooring installation

To be done:

Install new range hood
Cut and install filler panels for corner cabinets
Install new flooring (handled by professionals)
Install new countertops (handled by professionals)
New lighting (both canned and pendants)
Install hardware
Buy new furniture for seating area (this is waaaaayyyy down the road right now)

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