Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Port A 2014

This past weekend we went down to Port Aransas to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday, and my sister-in-laws 31st birthday. We have 4 pairs of birthdays that are within weeks of each other, so it's always fun to have these celebrations. This one was extra special, given the milestone birthday of my mom (even though she'll only admit to being 45).

The Holland House: Life's a Beach Cookies
Birthday cookies for my mom and sis

Everyone met down at a rental house on Friday, and we enjoyed 3 days of pure relaxation. The "children" had worked on splitting up meals and coordinating food, and of course we ended up with way more than we needed. But it was nice to never have to get dressed and go out- we ate at the house the whole time (I don't even think I fixed my hair or face for the entire trip- hence no pictures of me.)

We set up camp on the beach both Saturday and Sunday, and enjoyed mild temperatures and just enough wind to keep us cool. Other than a bunch of yucky seaweed on the beach, it was perfect! Georgia and Blair had a blast playing in the sand- or in Blair's case, just eating it. And the adults played games, relaxed, drank and attempted to surf in the water (it's so much harder than it looks!)

The Holland House: Beach Babies
Georgia and Blair on the beach

On Saturday night we had the birthday dinner celebration followed by a really fun dice game called Left Center Right. I highly recommend playing this game with 3 $1 bills instead of the coins that come with it (my sister's brilliant suggestion). It certainly ups the competitive factor!

The Holland House: Birthday Fiesta
Birthday Fiesta

Overall it was a fantastic getaway, and couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Work has been nuts, and it was nice to just be in the car with Hank for 4 hours with no other distractions. We're rested and relaxed, just in time for a holiday weekend.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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