Tuesday, June 24, 2014

All in the (Jeep) Family

This past Saturday started like any other Saturday. Early morning run followed by breakfast with friends at Taco Deli. I have needed to get my oil changed for weeks, but have been too lazy to drive south to the dealership to get it done (for free). So after breakfast I made the trip to motor mile to get it done.

 Long story short- I have always leased from Nissan because a friend worked there. He recently moved over to a new dealership, and I was concerned about being penalized on miles when it came time to turning in my Rogue. So after my oil change, I hopped on over to the Jeep dealership to say hi to my friend Daniel, and chat about options.

And then this happened:

The Holland House: Jeep Cherokee

Hank drives a Grand Cherokee, and I have loved it since he first drove it into our garage. My very first car was a Jeep Cherokee, and I loved that boxy little thing. So it was nice to test drive the new and improved body style, and I absolutely fell in love. The numbers worked out, and it was a nice little change after a long history of Nissan cars (which I still absolutely love). It's only been a few days, but I swear it's one of the most comfortable cars I have ever driven. The seats are real cushy, and the interior is laid out in such a smart way. We're taking my car on our upcoming beach trip, so we'll get to test out the cargo load as well.

Here's our cute little Jeep family now:

The Holland House: Jeep Family


  1. My first vehicle was a 98' Jeep Cherokee too! That car served me well. Congrats on the new beauty. It looks really nice and sleek!

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