Monday, May 5, 2014

A Boy and His New Toy

Greetings all!  So Amy and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary this past weekend.  She will give you all the details in her upcoming blog post.  Since I have not been very good, read: actually quite horrible, about fulfilling my end of the blogging duties, I wanted to take a moment today to feature our latest, spur of the moment home improvement project.  It all started with a gift from my wife for our anniversary.

She gets me, I mean she really, really gets me.  Anyway, from the day I purchased our house the boxwoods in front of our kitchen window had been annoying me.  Excellent screening but I hate the maintenance which was apparent by the over growth.  Unfortunately, I was not able (read: forgot) to get a before photo so you will just have to take my word for it.  We had 6 boxwoods under the window.  While Amy was off running errands, I make quick use of the chainsaw and removed 4 of them.  I decided to hold on to 2 of them but pruned them high to create some height in my master plan.  Here is a picture shortly after I removed all the boxwoods.

Now I was making some serious progress.  My vision for the space was to extend the bed and create a border with river rock to create a more natural barrier.  Then plant some drought tolerant plants to reduce our water consumption since we are in a sever drought.  I made a quick trip to the Home Depot, aka my second home, and picked up river rock, gravel and 2 Firebush plants.  The ultimate plan is to add a few additional plants such as Knockout Roses that will add pops of color and be easy on the watering.  However, I was quickly running out of time and energy to complete the project this weekend.  Here is the picture with the Firebush and half the gravel installed.

My hope and plan is to finish it up this weekend with the additional gravel.  We are also on the prowl for some adirondack chairs that we can paint the same color as the front door.  Since our backyard is a disaster at this moment, I can definitely see Amy and I enjoying this nice feature in lieu of the backyard.  

Cheers till next time!

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