Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Recap

It's getting HOT in Austin, and the only way to cope with it is to a) be in a pool, or b) stay in the cold AC. We did a little of both this weekend, and had a lot of fun in the process.

We kicked off Saturday morning with a miserable, muggy run. 81 degrees and 80% humidity! Not fun, but I did get 4.5 miles under my belt, so at least something good came of it. Finally starting to feel some improvement in my fitness level, and looking forward to making more progress. But you can't do a hard run without treating yourself to something afterwards. So of course we rewarded ourselves with breakfast tacos at Taco Deli at our standing breakfast date with friends Keith and Bonnie.

We followed up breakfast with a family poolside BBQ celebrating Father's Day. We actually lucked out with the weather since it stayed cloudy for most of the day, resulting in a slightly more comfortable temperature. My mom had a great spread with all the necessary accompaniments: BBQ chicken, baked beans, potato salad, fruit salad and cornbread. It was a great meal, followed by plenty of cold beverages and lounging in the pool. My siblings were in town and everyone had fun entertaining Georgia in the pool and just catching up on all our busy lives. There is a family cruise in the works for my mom's 60th birthday next year, and we're all getting excited talking about that too!

The Holland House: Grilling

The Holland House: BBQ

The Holland House: Nonnie and Georgia
Georgia helping her Nonnie open his presents. LOVE her outfit.

The Holland House: Georgia's Curls
Those curls just kill me!

After the party we went to a friend's housewarming party, followed by dinner at a new sports bar/restaurant in our hood. It will be a great place to go to when football season rolls around, but not our favorite place for Saturday date night. We were hungry though, so it worked for that night. 

Sunday morning rolled around along with our favorite part of the weekend- being lazy! Since we always wake up to run on Saturdays, this is our only morning to sleep in. Hank fixed breakfast and coffee, and we watched Moneyball in bed while the animals participated in the laziness. It's like they know that we just need them to chill out for a few hours as well. Of course- this was only after Brees' latest shenanigans, pulling toilet paper from the guest room all the way out into the living room. Got to love that crazy girl.

The Holland House: Brees playing with toilet paper.

The Holland House: Lazy Animals

We finished up our weekend with a delicious Sunday supper with friends Keith and Tony. It was a great excuse to make a meal we wouldn't normally eat on our own, and also a good chance to use some of our fun new dishes. I cooked a chicken dish out of my new Smitten Kitchen cookbook, and made a corn and orzo salad with fresh basil. A cold salad, paired with the chicken and arugula/fennel salad, really made for a perfect combination. Of course, no supper is complete without dessert. I was tempted to make a lemon pie, but Hank talked me into going simple with angel food cake and berries. I whipped up some fresh cream right before serving, and it was a great way to finish the meal, and a super fun weekend!

The Holland House: Hank and friends

The Holland House: Sunday Supper

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