Friday, June 7, 2013

Wedding Series: Pre-Wedding Family Dinner

Hank and I were married just a little over a month ago, on May 4th. Since we planned a smaller wedding, we wanted any surrounding events to be in keeping with that theme. Rather than have an actual rehearsal dinner, we opted for a small family dinner instead. My parents were gracious enough to host it in their beautiful backyard, and it was the perfect opportunity for our families, and a few close friends, to meet and mingle.

The theme was "Fiesta Chic", and my parents worked hard over several weekends to get the yard in good shape. With the help of my sister and aunt, they created a unique setting and a few fun activities to make it more than just a casual dinner. It was very special, and enjoyed by everyone who attended.

Highlights of the evening were by far the food and the piñata. It was the perfect activity to provide a break between cocktails/appetizers, and the meal itself. My mother worked with Susan Shields of Di Lux Catering to create a menu and handle all the food for the evening. The result was an incredible meal with plenty of options for everyone. It really was the perfect way to kick off our wedding weekend! (pictures by my lovely sister-in-law Meredith)

The Holland House: Fiesta Entrance
Entrance to the "fiesta".

The Holland House: Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom to-be.

The Holland House: Party Details
Fun details from table setting, drinks and food.

The Holland House: The Faces of Georgia
The many faces of my adorable niece Georgia.

The Holland House: Party Guests
Friends and Family.

The Holland House: Piñata Fun
Piñata fun.

The Holland House: Funny Faces
Fun with piñata favors.

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  1. You are adorable. And this looks beautiful!


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