Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Adventures in Fostering: Percy

It's sad that we've actually had two foster dogs over the past several months, and I never got around to writing about them. I'll come back to recap the most recent, as we actually had him for almost two months. But today is all about Percy. Get a load of this little guy:

The Holland House: Percy the Foster Dog

We got an email last week from Wags, Hope, and Healing, asking if we would be interested in helping to socialize a feral pup. Some people had purchased property, and found a litter of 5 dogs on it with no mother in sight. One of the pups was deceased, and the remaining four were filthy dirty and in need of a few good meals. Our schedule is crazy busy right now, but we said we could commit to two weeks. Luckily, there is an adoption event planned on August 8th, so the timing worked out perfectly.

We've had a variety of foster dogs, but none that had ever been feral. These pups had likely never seen a human before they were found, and were rightfully frightened of people. It's said that the first 12 weeks of a puppies life can make or break them, so thankfully there was a window of opportunity to show them how fun people (and homes) can be. He is estimated to be around 10 weeks old.

The Holland House: Percy the Foster Dog

Hank picked the name Percy because it's short for perseverance. It's also a little bit "country" which is exactly what Percy is- a country mutt! Having been with him for a few days, the name is a perfect fit. He is definitely warming up to us, and loves to snuggle (especially at night). More than anything though, he LOVES his foster siblings. He follows them everywhere, and is so cute when he tries to instigate play. Brees has been really good and patient with him, and will engage in play and snuggling. Maddie is a little more hit or miss. Her contribution has mainly been teaching him who is boss.

The Holland House: Percy and Brees

I have no doubt that he will continue to come out of his shell over the next couple of weeks, and I know it will be hard to say goodbye when the time comes. But we love getting to help like this, and we'll make the most out of our puppy time.

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