Monday, February 9, 2015

Out & About: Hill Country Golf and Guitar

On Saturday we had our family birthday celebration for Hank and my sister Holly. My mom came up with the brilliant idea to do something a little different. She wanted to do something that the little kids could be a part of, and that the big kids would enjoy too. Luckily, Hill Country Golf & Guitar opened just a few miles from their house just a few months ago. The weather was absolutely amazing too, making it the best day ever for a family outing.

The 18-hole course is spread out on a beautiful piece of land, and I believe they are about to start on a second course. We had to wait about 30 minutes, and I have no doubt that the place will remain packed through most of the spring and summer. Most of the holes were a par-3, but the water feature on hole 10 got the best of a few of us (note the picture of my brother fishing balls out of the pond).

The Holland House: Hill Country Gold & Guitar
The course has a stage built right in the middle of it, and there will be live bands playing on the weekend soon. The park is mostly music-themed, including the guitar pick hole signs.

The Holland House: Family Birthday Celebration

Blair and Georgia had an absolute blast. Blair got a plastic club (thank goodness) and it was all we could do to keep him contained on each hole. This picture of him charging down the green just cracks me up.

The Holland House: Blair

Georgia was a little more serious about her game, and was working hard to score some major style points. It's still hard for me to believe that she is 5 (plus a few months). They grow up way too fast!

The Holland House: Georgia

In true birthday boy fashion, Hank ended up winning the entire round. Here he is practicing his swing.

The Holland House: Hank

I somehow missed a good shot of Blake and Meredith, but here are some fun family pics before we headed inside for an amazing dinner.

The Holland House: Family Pics

Speaking of dinner, the food was really good! Lots of fried stuff and burgers, so not really the healthiest of dinner choices. But all of the ingredients were great quality, and I loved the sweet bun on my hamburger. The french fries with homemade aioli was a little bit of wonderful too!

The Holland House: Hill Country Golf & Guitar
If you are looking for a fun date or family activity, this place can accommodate all. There was even a "treehouse" with arcade games for the kids. My whole family had a blast, and I'm looking forward to going back again soon. I think it will be so fun to listen to a band play while swinging through a round of putt putt golf. Such a clever concept!

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