Monday, January 5, 2015

Orange Is the New Fit

I'm not really big on making resolutions (unless you count finally finishing our kitchen remodel as one). I just love that every January 1st is a fresh start to get my act together. This year is no different.

In lieu of Christmas presents, Hank and I decided to make a (real) commitment to fitness. We both turn 40 this year, and staying fit has been a huge challenge. Yes- we run, but lately that has been about it. We're lacking muscle and tone, and it's time to do something about it (again). So we joined a gym together! It's a brand new facility called Orange Theory, and they recently opened one about 5 minutes from our house. There were several things about Orange Theory that were enticing for us.

1) It's an organized class that meets on set days/times.
2) While the monthly rate isn't cheap, we did at least get a promotional rate for signing up early.
3) It's heart-rate monitored, which feeds our ridiculous competitiveness.

It was important to me that we find a way to do this together, so I loved that we could put a Monday/Wednesday class on our shared calendar, and make a "date" out of it. The 50-ish minute classes are arranged in two sections- one half is intervals on a treadmill, using the orange heart rate range as a goal, and the other half is spent between rowing machines and weights. The instructors change it up so that each class is a little different. The music is loud and fun, you burn a ton of calories, and we get to spend time together doing something other than drinking/eating/sitting on the couch. It's a total win!

The Holland House: OrangeTheory Fitness
Photos by OrangeTheory Fitness

Over the holiday break we fit in 2 classes together, and after each class you get an email summarizing your workout. I averaged about 550 calories per class, while Hank burned 800+. The great part about working out in a specific heart rate zone is that you continue to burn more calories throughout the day. The classes are challenging, but not so much that I can't move the day after. I'm sore, but it's a good kind of sore.

The Holland House: OrangeTheory Fitness

We're committed to classes for January/February, and then we'll revisit our plan at that point. I have access to an $8 a month gym at work, so it doesn't really make sense for me to continue this year round. But if it kick starts better habits and gets me back into the gym at work, then it's another win. We're looking forward to working our butts off, literally, for the next two months. I'm hoping we'll have some good results to share at that time.

Has anyone else heard or, or use, this program? Curious to hear your thoughts.


  1. I had plans to check Orange Theory out this week! There is one not too far from our house and I've read on other blogs people taking those classes and really, really enjoying them. I just have NO idea what to expect in terms of cost! Eddie and I will have to take a field trip this week to get more information. ...and seriously? An $8 gym membership!? Color me jealous!

    1. We are paying $89 each for the Elite membership (8 classes per month). I know that you can take one class for free to try it out. We went last night, and I sweat half my body weight- it really is an amazing workout.

      I's ridiculous for me to be paying that much when I can use our (amazing) work gym for practically nothing. But this is a short term plan for us to get back into better habits. I love this class though, and might decide to continue if I see the kind of results I'm expecting.


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