Friday, October 17, 2014

Mama Fu's + a Giveaway

This giveaway is sponsored by Mama Fu's, but all opinions are my own.

A couple of weeks ago, I received the kind of email that everyone dreams of. It basically said "would you like a free dinner?" Why yes, I would. The email came right in the middle of our kitchen renovation, when we didn't have access to pretty much anything. We had been bumming dinner off friends/neighbors, and eating a fair amount of unhealthy take-out. The idea of picking up a reasonably healthy dinner on my way home from work sounded absolutely fantastic.

Mama Fu's recently overhauled their menu, and moved to a takeout/delivery only model. They have 13 locations in Texas, with 6 of those in Austin! We happen to live outside their delivery area, but there are two convenient locations for me to get take-out depending on which way I go home from work.

The menu includes a variety of Chinese, Japanese and Thai dishes, with plenty of vegetarian and gluten free offerings. If you are a Funatics Club member, you can access even more great dishes on their Black Market menu (and earn points by using their app). I love all of the options available, and had a really hard time picking out just a few dishes.

We started off with the Fresh Basil Spring Rolls with a peanut hoisin dipping sauce (yum!) It was small enough that it didn't ruin our meal, but satisfied my ridiculous hunger by the time I actually made it home <insert story about picking up 2 sick dogs at play care and making an emergency vet stop>.

The Holland House: Mama Fu's

For dinner, I picked up several entrees because we ended up taking dinner over to a friend's house. We got Mongolian Beef, Pad Thai with Chicken, and Lo Mein. We also picked up a kid's Teriyaki Chicken meal. There are multiple kid's choices that come with sides like rice, carrots and edamame. I'm a firm believer in kid's meals being more than chicken nuggets and fries, and I love the healthy options available at Mama Fu's. Everything was delicious and fresh, and the portions were very generous. An entree can certainly serve two people, especially if you share a yummy appetizer first.

The Holland House: Mama Fu's

Mama Fu's was kind enough to offer (5) $5 gift cards, and I'm happy to be able to share them with YOU. Check out the locations to see if there is one by you. If you'd like to enter to win, just leave a comment below, and tweet about the contest if you'd like. Winner will be randomly picked next Friday, and the gift cards will be mailed to you.

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