Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Peach and Turquoise Bridal Shower

A friend of mine recently co-hosted a bridal shower, and graciously asked me to make a cake and cookie favors for the party. We got together for a quick consultation (something I wish I could do more of), and reviewed the invitation and overall theme of the party. Other than deciding on the cookie shape and color scheme, she left the remaining details up to me. When I saw the chevron design on the invite, I knew exactly the kind of cake I wanted to make.

I have been following the oh-so-talented Jessicakes blog for quite some time, and even signed up for her "Clean & Simple Cake Design" Craftsy tutorial, in the hopes of attempting her offset chevron cake one day. This party was the perfect opportunity! I really, really wanted to practice this cake before making it for her party, but my crazy schedule just did not allow. I ordered a pasta maker, made some marshmallow fondant, and crossed my fingers that all would turn out ok.

There were a few minor bumps (like the fettucine attachment not working, resulting in me hand cutting each and every stripe on the cake). But good things happened too, like the new cake and icing recipes I tried. (Orange-lemon chiffon cake with an orange buttercream filling, and swiss meringue buttercream on the outside.) It was a long night, and I actually did the chevron completely wrong per the tutorial I watched, but I was overall really happy with the final product.

The Holland House: Peach and Turquoise Chevron Cake

The few nights before the cake, I worked on the wedding cookie favors. I had searched a hundred different ideas on Pinterest, but all of them seemed so fussy. I wanted a simple and pretty cookie design. So using the SweetSugarBelle ribbon rose tutorial, I whipped up a bunch of peach roses and used those as a color accent on an otherwise very simple cookie with a bead trim. I LOVE these cookies! In some bags they went, and I tied them with ribbon that matched the actual wedding invites.

The Holland House: Wedding Cake Cookies

The Holland House: Wedding Cookie Favors

The Holland House: Dessert Table


  1. Um, so cute! I'm sure they were a hit with the shower. Seeing the prices on insta is one thing, all finished together is even better!

  2. Those are just too darn cute!!

  3. Happy to know about this bridal shower. I am planning an anniversary party for my sister at one of refined wedding venues Chicago next month. Thinking of buying a beautiful gift for the couple. Hope they like my surprise and have a good time.


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