Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Out and About: Deep Eddy Cabaret

This past weekend was full of Christmas parties- Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I was exhausted come Monday morning, but it was a really fun weekend. On Friday we headed to my parent's house for their annual get together with friends. It's amazing the kind-of spread that my mom can put together at the last minute. Not only was there great food, but there was enough alcohol for the entire neighborhood. Two different wine stations, a vodka/martini bar, and even some festive beer. It's unfortunate we had to run early the next morning.

On Saturday night we went to the Gazelle Christmas Party. This is our running group, and this year we were in a new, bigger location. There was a great turnout with plenty of good food, but a shortage of wine. Who knew that runners could drink so much?! The party ended early, as most people had other places to go to next. But we headed down the street to one of my favorite dive bars, Deep Eddy Cabaret, with two other couples. Hank had never been before, and I knew he would love its special charm.

Now that you can't smoke inside any restaurant or bar in Austin (it's actually been this way for awhile, which is awesome), it's much easier to tolerate the dark, cozy quarters of Deep Eddy. The ceilings are low, the bathrooms are small, and there are two pool tables and a juke box in the back. Throw in some cheap beer, and you've got yourself the classic dive bar. We snagged a pool table and rotated couples for at least 3 games. A few pitchers in and we ended up having a really fun night with some great friends.

The Holland House: Amy and Hank

The Holland House: Deep Eddy Cabaret
Random bar decorations- got to love a shout out to the Saints!!
The Holland House: Pool Score
Mature behavior while keeping score. 

In my twenties, there used to be a group who put together Dive Bar Night, where we would crawl between 3 or 4 dive bars. I used to be able to hang back then, but now we're doing good to make it to midnight at just one location. But there's something to be said about a good dive bar, and Austin certainly has plenty to choose from. There's Lala's, where it's Christmas all year long. And then there's Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon, with Chicken Shit Bingo on Sunday afternoons (need I say more). If you haven't taken the time to scout out a dive bar in your own town, I highly recommend it. You never know what kind-of fun you'll run into.

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