Thursday, September 19, 2013

Brees' Half Birthday

September 4th came and went without me sharing that it's Brees' half birthday. It's also the anniversary of my beloved grandparents AND the anniversary of Hank's parents. So it's a pretty special day! I know she is just a dog, but we love this silly girl so much, and can't believe she's already six months old.

She's 40.5 pounds, and I don't even know how tall (think small pony). She loves going to Mud Puppies for play care, peanut butter, new toys, and laying in bed with us for just a little bit before going into her crate at night. She's as goofy as they come (her tongue sticks sideways out her mouth half the time), and  we just can't imagine life without her.

The Holland House: Brees at 6 months

This is how she looks after a day of play care. $20 well spent!!

The Holland House: Brees after Mud Puppies

And sadly, the Saints jersey that I bought her months ago (in a size LARGE!!) is already too small. Looks like we might have to stick to a bandana until we know how big she'll end of being.

The Holland House: Brees in Saints jersey

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