Friday, August 23, 2013

Bathroom Remodel: Shades of Gray

I've mentioned a bathroom remodel once or twice, and I'm hoping that by the end of this month Hank will be able to debut the before and after. We've tackled the hard job of painting, and are now stuck at choosing new light fixtures, and finding the time to actually complete the project. I keep telling myself we'll get there eventually.

I think the hardest task is behind us, and that involved choosing 2 shades of gray from literally hundreds of choices. That's like asking me to walk into H&M and put together a flattering and age appropriate outfit. It's a terrifying task, and one that I wasn't sure I was up to. But Hank was getting anxious to start the project, so I put on my big girl pants and got down to business.

Have you ever really considered just how many different shades of gray there? Like any other color, there are far too many. Trying to find one that says "calm and cool" was harder than I thought. But I think I did it! We had originally thought about using Revere Pewter as the neutral color for the house. But in my effort to remove all the brown, I decided it was too close to what we already had. I wanted a cool, inviting tone that we could use in most of our rooms. And that is how we ended up with Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl.
The Holland House: Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

On our test patch in the master bath it looked much whiter, with a hint of a blue undertone (unlike the beige that I see in the color spot above). And since we were going for a spa-like, modern coastal look in our bathroom, we felt it was best to stay monochromatic. Enter the second color being used on our vanity, Whale Gray.

The Holland House: Benjamin Moore Whale Gray

Aren't they lovely? After choosing that color (we actually picked it out at the paint store) we went home to search it and find a little inspiration for bringing together the rest of our ideas. We both found this picture and loved the overall look.

The Holland House: Inspiration Cabinet

The hunt is now on for some acrylic door knobs/pulls, and a rug that will bring some color to the room. I'm so excited to see it all come together (and get my mirror back so that I can stop shuffling back and forth between our closet and the guest bath).

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